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Desk with Double Box/Box/File Pedestals

Desk with 2 BBF


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Momentum Series is stocked in Mahogany, Cherry, and Expresso. Sleek, Clean Design with user-friendly radius 3mm protective edging on all edges. Reversible construction for expedient and cost-effective future changes. 1-inch construction throughout for added structural integrity. Durable metal fitments including PIN and CAM technology for ease of change and lasting durability.

See available double box/box/file desk packages below and refer to the Component Guide to design your own arrangements. 

Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions.

Bow Front 41" x 71"$776
Straight Desk 36" x 71"$716

Straight Desk 30" x 66"$696
Straight Desk 30" x 60"$676