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Cable Clamp



Accessories Power Management

    No more floors covered with intertwined cables! This cable clamp for mounting under work surface will make powering your equipment a snap.

  • Allows easy identification of your cables.
  • Frees up the floor and increases the available space on your desktop.
  • Your choice of installation: can be screwed on or even attached with double-sided tape.
  • Black and grey finishes to complement your electronics.
  • Each loop can hold up to 4 cables: the small clamp has 5 loops and the large clamp has 7.
  • The cables can pass along and through the loops to increase the number permitted and improve their organization.
  • Max. Capacity:
    • Short 5 x (4 Cables per loop)
    • Long 7 x (4 Cables per loop)

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